Jamaica Choice Foods

Beef Oxtail Stew

You have not experienced nirvana until you have tried our version of Jamaican Oxtails. We do not use sugar in our food as has become a common practice at restaurants. Our tails are cut no larger than an inch so the pieces are small and manageable. We trim any excessive fat which makes for a more pleasant experience.

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Curry Goat

Succulent morsels of goat / mutton, seasoned with Jamaican spices and slow-cooked to a tender, delicious and glorious curry flavored “Niceness” as we say in Jamaica. This dish is accompanied with White Rice or our delicious Rice & Peas which is simmered in fresh coconut milk and spices and finished with a side of cabbage.

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Curry Chicken

This is curry with a little kick. bite sized pieces of chicken (with bones cause that’s the way we eat it in JA) cooked to a tender doneness and accompanied by White Rice or Rice & Peas. All meals are finished off with our wonderful side of sauteed cabbage.

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Brown Stew Chicken

One of our fan favorites, brown stewed chicken is possibly the tastiest entree we make. The chicken is cut into bite sized pieces then seasoned and browned on all sides before it’s simmered for over an hour.

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